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C24 Limited is one of the loan firms in Nigeria that offers unsecured loans. The company’s slogan, “Money to keep you moving,” suggests that C24 is cognizant of the reality that, despite any financial challenges, life must go on and bills must be paid.

They give solutions to your monetary issues with a quick and flexible loan application that takes five minutes to complete.

Before choosing a loan package, it is a good idea to consult a loan calculator. It is easy to use; once the loan amount is entered, you may move the slider to determine the monthly and total payment amounts for that particular plan.

What Sorts of C24 Loans Are Available?

Personal Loans

As an individual, you are qualified to apply for a C24 personal loan of up to two million Naira. This loan can help you plan out your bill, rent, and other payments as well as your medical costs, etc. To be qualified to submit an application for a personal loan, you must:

• A passport photograph

• A valid national identity card, such as a passport, driver’s license, or national voter’s card;

• A letter confirming your work or confirming that you have a stable source of income

• A 6-month bank statement

• Organizational Identification

• Direct Debit mandate

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 Loans To Businesses

Three different forms of business loans are offered by C24. These include:

• Overdraft: This financing assists clients’ businesses in times of need. By enabling you to withdraw more money than is currently in your account, this tool gives you access to emergency funds.

• LPO Financing: Through this program, reliable suppliers and contractors can obtain the upfront monies required to finish projects and fulfill purchase orders. It guarantees the continuation of corporate activities, which encourages growth and expansion.

You can get a loan with Fairmoney Loan App or Kia Kia Loan App

• Lease Financing: As the name suggests, this permits recipients to purchase tools, machinery, and equipment for use in a business. It’s practical to spread out payments over time. For startups and business owners, it is extremely relevant.

You can evaluate the many loan options readily available in Nigeria today through our loan comparison and recommendation website and select the one that best matches your demands. It is really easy to use and only takes a few minutes.

Loan Conditions for C24

• A recent passport photograph

• A formal letter printed on business letterhead requesting the loan.

• A form of authorized direct debit

A copy of the most recent utility bill you received.

• A recognized type of identification

• You must have worked for at least six months prior to filing a loan application, regardless of whether you are still employed.

• A minimum age of 22 is required.

• A working bank account is necessary.

• You need a sufficient amount of transactional history to show their creditworthiness.

C24 Loan Interest Rate

The monthly interest rate and one-time administration fee for the C24 loan are both 4%. Don’t worry, the management fee is already covered by your repayment schedule.

Direct debit, checks, or point-of-sale terminals can be used to repay the loan over a period of three to nine months.

You must keep in mind that once your payment deadline has passed, C24 will charge you 1% for each day of lateness.

If you need a quick repair and can return the loan soon, C24 loans may be beneficial even if they are normally a little more expensive than other lending options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Download The C24 Loan App?

You cannot currently download the C24 Loan app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store because it does not exist. Only time will tell if this will change soon.

Is The C24 Loan Real?

Yes. C24 Limited, a legitimate company, offers adjustable-rate loans. You can email them at [email protected] to get in touch with them. ng.






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