How Many Questions Are In Jamb

Do you want to know how many questions there are in JAMB and how many hours are allotted for the questions? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right location for the information.

There are 180 questions in the JAMB, with 60 questions on the use of English and 40 questions on each of the other disciplines.

Accordingly, subjects like math, physics, chemistry, government, biology, English literature, economics, and accounting principles each have forty (40) questions.

Remember that the exam is a computer-based test (CBT) rather than a paper test, so all of the questions that JAMB will ask will be shown on the computer at the testing locations.

How Long Is the JAMB Exam?

Each applicant has been given a total of 2 hours by JAMB to complete the 180 questions. This indicates that you have two hours to complete all of the questions or the system will log you out. You must submit your work to avoid this. My advice is that you should be able to manage your time effectively and complete the task within the allotted time.

How to Calculate JAMB Scores

If you registered for Math, English, Physics, and Chemistry, you would then have 40 questions in Math.

English Language = 40 questions

40 questions in physics

40 questions in chemistry

180 questions total

Remember that the maximum JAMB score is 400. Therefore, it won’t be inappropriate to state that each question is worth 0.45 marks. The fact that you will be taking four subjects, each worth 100 points out of a possible 400, prevents it from being balanced.

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Assuming you answered 40 of the 60 questions in English correctly, your score would be 40/60 x 100, or roughly 67. Therefore, you had 67 more than 100.

Let’s say you answered the questions about math, physics, and chemistry correctly with 35, 32, and 26.

You must use the formula: 35/40 x 100 = 75.

You need to multiply 32/40 by 100 to get about 88 in physics.

The chemistry equation is 26/40 x 100 = 70.

Adding the results from the four subjects together

83 + 75 + 88 + 70 = 316

Thus, that represents a JAMB score of 316 out of 400.

Now you know how JAMB scores are determined. Nevertheless, because there are so many applicants, they use computers rather than doing it by hand.






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