Loan Apps For iPhone

There are several loan apps available for Nigerians in the Android app market, however, there aren’t many loan apps available in Nigeria for the iPhone.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of iPhone loan apps in Nigeria. You are in the proper location. see those listed below.

1.  Carbon App Loan

In Nigeria, Carbon was one of the earliest iPhone loan apps, but it has since evolved into a digital wallet. On this app, you can obtain immediate, dependable, rapid short-term loans at any time.

For you to receive loans from Carbon, no paperwork or security is needed. This app doesn’t have any extra fees.

One Finance & Investments Limited, a finance company that is licensed and regulated by the CBN, is the maker of the Carbon app.

• Platform: Android, iOS

• Loan Sizes: N1,500 to N1 million

• Interest rate: 1.75 percent to 30 percent, with a 1 to 21% monthly interest rate.

• 23% – 60.8% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

• Loan terms range from 14 to 15 months.

• Repayment methods include Quickteller, Direct Transfer, In-App Debit/ATM Card, and In-App Carbon Account.

2. P2Vest

One of the most well-known P2P new loan apps for the iPhone in Nigeria, P2Vest provides consumers with alternative funding. Compared to savings accounts and fixed deposits, the peer-to-peer lending network P2Vest offers investors and lenders better returns on their capital through the connection of screened borrowers.

P2Vest also offers a B2B lending platform called P2VFB enabling companies to control their lending operations.

Apple iOS and Google Android

• Loan amounts range from $5,000 to $200,000

Interest rates are variable.

APR stands for annual percentage rate.

• Loan term: one year

• Channels for repayment: Auto Debit from Linked Card

P2Vest’s email address is [email protected].

3.  Aella Loan

Aella provides five-minute internet loans that are rapid and immediate. One of Nigeria’s most open loan companies is Aella. You may borrow up to N1 million from Aella.

• Apple’s iOS

Loan amounts range from N100,000 to N5,000,000.

• 6% to 20% interest rate range

APR stands for annual percentage rate.

• Loan term: one to three months

• Direct transfer and debit card as payment methods

4. Blocka Cash

In Nigeria, Blocka Cash offers simple and hassle-free loans. Both the Apple App Store and the Android App Store both have Blocka Cash. Depending on your credit score, Blocka offers short-term loans starting at N5,000 and going up to N50,000.

The following are the prerequisites for a Blocka cash loan:

• A minimum age of 21 is required.

• You might have to present a legitimate government ID.

Other characteristics of Blocka cash loans include:

• Platform: Android, iOS

From N5,000 to N50,000 in loan amounts

Interest is charged at a monthly rate of 3% and 10%.

From 36% to 120% Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

• Loan term: sixty to eighty days

• Direct transfer, Quickteller, and debit card as payment options

When determining your loan eligibility, Blocka Cash takes into account a number of variables. factors including credit score and historical loan performance. James Crown Credit Limited, which holds a money lender license issued by the Ogun State Government of Nigeria, powers the Blocka Cash app.

Blockacash can be reached at [email protected].

5. So kash

Kash claims to provide loans for both homes and businesses in Nigeria. From SoKash, you can obtain up to N1 million in 2 hours. No hidden fees, according to this loan application.

This loan application uses a credit bureau to determine your loan eligibility. Your chances of getting SoKash to approve your loan request increase if you have a strong credit score.

• Platform: Android, iOS

• Borrowing Range: N3,000 to N1,000,000

• Monthly interest rate: 2% to 10%

APR (Annual Percentage Rate): ZERO.

• Loan terms range from 14 to 15 months.

• Repayment methods include USSD, direct debit card, direct pay stack, and the SoftKash App/Web dashboard.

Additionally, you can select your payment tenure using the SoKash app. EMA Finance was the creator of the SoKash app.






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