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  Jaiz Bank is a Nigerian Islamic or non-interest bank It. was the first bank of its kind to be created in the nation, and it is headquartered in Abuja.

In 2012, the bank started operating, with offices in Abuja, Kaduna, and Kano. Jaiz has since grown to be a national brand.

A variety of personal, SME, and corporate banking services are offered by Jaiz Bank.

Funding And Loan Options For Businesses Offered By Jaiz Bank

Funding for Working Capital

The working capital finance facility offered by Jaiz Bank can assist with your company’s ongoing cash flow demands. Use this facility, among other things, to finance the purchase of stock or inventories. You source the goods for the facility, and then you give Jaiz a proforma invoice. The supplier will then get paid directly from the bank. At a mutually agreed-upon future date, you must refund the borrowed cash (cost plus profit).

A type of trade finance is export financing, just as import financing. This product can help Nigerian exporters and trading companies. Money can be advanced both before and after shipping.

Eligibility for A Business Loan From Jaiz Bank

Jaiz Bank offers a range of lending alternatives that are appropriate for both large and small businesses.

There will be certain terms and limitations associated with each funding option. As a result, not every product will be suitable for your company. No matter the type of finance product you apply for, there are minimum lending requirements that you must meet.

In general, your company must be fairly profitable in order to qualify for financing. A solid credit history for your business is also required, especially if you intend to apply for an unsecured loan. Secured loans give the given collateral slightly more weight than the borrower’s credit history.

Other standard loan standards may, but are not required to, include:

• Registering a firm or business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

• Having a corporate or commercial bank account

• I’ve been trading for a while (1-3 years minimum)

• Be in good standing with the credit bureaus, with no outstanding debts or obligations.

• Making regular deposits into the bank.

Although only registered firms are qualified to apply for a business loan through Jaiz, unregistered enterprises do have other choices.

Jaiz Bank also offers salary advances and personal loans, both of which you might be able to employ for commercial endeavors.

Another choice is to submit an application for financing through SukFin, which can offer you a variety of alternative funding options.

How To Apply For A Business Loan From Jaiz Bank

Most of Jaiz Bank’s bank branches accept applications for business loans. It’s wise to be aware of the financing options available before submitting an application; you can further discuss this with a loan consultant in-branch.

Filling out an application form is a common requirement for loan applications. Various information about your business, its past transactions, and the loan’s objective will be requested on this form. It’s common to be asked for supporting papers in addition to filling out an application form.

Utilizing the completed application form, any necessary supporting papers, and other pertinent publically available information, Jaiz will assess your company’s eligibility for financing. The evaluation will be done in accordance with Jaiz Bank’s lending policies.

If Jaiz approves your loan request, he will send you an offer letter. Any terms and restrictions that must be satisfied before funds are issued will be stated in this offer letter.

The following items are on an often-requested list of crucial documentation:

• A fully filled-out application

• Business profile

Business strategy

• Cash flow forecast

• Bank records (12 months)

• Accounts that have been audited

• Incorporation Certificate

• Reliable identification (driving license, passport, voters card)

Proof of residency

• Information on offered collateral (if any)







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