How To Submit JAMB CBT Exam

Are you eligible to take the UTME administered by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)?

Have you studied thoroughly for the computer-based test? Due to the fact that the majority of JAMB UTME/DE applicants are unfamiliar with how to effectively use a computer system, many students frequently claim that the exam is computer-based.

One of the most frequent mistakes made by JAMB candidates is failing to submit their work after answering all of the questions. After responding to the questions, candidates who do not properly submit their papers will receive a score of 0, as their papers were not turned in for marking. Nigeria Information Guide

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Since many applicants have over the years made this error, I’ll be showing you how to submit your JAMB CBT exam in today’s post.

After reading today’s post, you won’t be afraid of the JAMB CBT exam anymore; instead, you’ll be prepared and confident when you walk into the exam room.

The JAMB CBT Exam Submission Process

Your subject combination will determine which four (4) papers you are given to write during the JAMB CBT exam. Once you have successfully logged into the exam portal, you will have access to these questions. You only have to turn in your work after you’ve tried the four (4) papers. JAMB Portal Result Upload Instructions

Do not click “submit” until you have completed all four subjects; do not click it after completing the first paper. To submit your work using a computer keyboard, just press Key S. Use the system keyboard to answer your questions to make your JAMB CBT exam a little bit simpler. Ho

A list of the keys and their uses in the JAMB CBT exam is provided below:

• Key A: To choose option A on the JAMB exam, press the A key. Simply press on key A to choose option A if that is the correct response.

Key B: During your JAMB exam, use this key to select option B. If you have already chosen an option but later decide that it is incorrect and that option B is the correct one, simply tap key B on the keyboard, and option B will be selected instead. The same is true of other choices. Form JAMB

Key C: During the JAMB CBT exam, use Key C to select option C. If option C is the correct response, press key C.

Key D: During the JAMB CBT exam, use Key D to select Option D. If option C is the correct response, press key D.

Key N: This key stands for the following inquiry. The next question is displayed when you hit Key N. So, to go to the next question after finishing a question, simply touch the N key on the keyboard.






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