JAMB Subject Combination For Mass Commuincation

Each year, hundreds of candidates for the Jamb choose to study mass communication since it is a fascinating subject.

When it comes to the number of applicants who select mass communication as their top choice university, mass communication is really one of the most competitive courses.

But before that, it is very vital to know the jamb subject combination for the mass communication course you are about to study

What Exactly Is Mass Communication?

The detailed analysis of information exchanges between a large number of people via mass media can be summed up as mass communication.

Any method by which information is disseminated among a big group of people using the radio, television, or the internet.

What Can You Accomplish With A Mass Communication Degree?

What career options are available to someone who studied mass media? Everyone who studies mass communication has one and only one goal in mind: to work in the media industry, either as an employee or as a job creator.

What comes next once you’ve completed NYSC and received your 2.0 from a university or polytechnic?

Anyone who studies mass communication has a ton of opportunities both in the public and business sectors.

And here are what they are:

Program researcher

Multimedia Specialist

Public relations specialist



Social media manager

Television/film/video producer

 Web content manager

What Topics Are Necessary For Mass Communication?

You must meet the prerequisites set forth by the institution in order to enroll in a university, polytechnic, or other tertiary institution to study mass communication.

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The following are the primary subjects needed for mass communication:

1. The use of English

English-language literature

3. Any subject in the social sciences.

Combination Of Jamb Subjects For Mass Communication

You won’t be barred from studying mass communication if you received a D or F in mathematics in either the WAEC or the NECO.

These are the key topics you need to cover when registering for the Jamb:

1. The use of English

2. Government/CRS/IRS 3. English-language literature

4. Economics or business

All Jamb candidates still need to be proficient in English.

Waec neco gce/o level topic combinations for mass communication needed for mass communication in 2022/2023

If you want to study mass communication and you are about to get your O level results, then these are the subjects that you can consider and take seriously in your studies. Mass communication falls under the category of social sciences, so you should figure out which social sciences subjects you are good in.

  1. English
  2.  mathematics
  3. Literature
  4. Business
  5. CRS/IRS;
  6. Biology;
  7. Agriculture
  8.  Economics

Combining Direct Entry Subjects For Mass Communication

If you fit this description, you should think about taking this topic, which is required by the majority of universities.

• Two (2) passes in English literature, economics, or government at the “A” level.






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