Japan Visa Free Country List

68 nations’ nationals are eligible to visit Japan without a visa. You only need a passport that is still valid and two blank pages to stamp. See the list of nations that do not require visas below.

You will require a visa to enter Japan if your nation is not included in the list of exempted nations.

You can avoid going to the embassy by applying online thanks to Japan’s e-Visa program! A temporary visa is also available for business travel. Our staff will assist you in completing your application; all you need to do is click the button below.

A practical option to apply at an embassy is Japan‘s e-Visa program. But you might be unsure of where to start and how to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork.

Because of this, we developed an easy application process that leads you every step of the way. We’ll check your Japan e-Visa application to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.

Countries Where A Japanese Visa Is Not Necessary

If you are a citizen of one of the nations listed below, you may travel to Japan for up to 90 days without a visa for vacation or business.

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Belgium*Brunei (Only 15 days)Bulgaria*
CanadaChileCosta Rica
Croatia*Cyprus*Czech Republic*
Denmark*Dominican RepublicEl Salvador
HondurasHong Kong^^Hungary*
IcelandIndonesia (Only 15 days)Ireland*
MonacoNew ZealandNetherlands*
North MacedoniaNorwayPoland*
Portugal*Romania*San Marino
Slovenia*South KoreaSpain*
Taiwan^Thailand^ (Only 15 days)Tunisia
Turkey**United Arab Emirates (Only 30 days)
United Kingdom*United StatesUruguay

What To Consider If You Are Applying For Japan Visa

To prevent losing your passport, make sure to have it on you at all times. To upload a digital copy of your passport, you can alternatively take a picture of it or scan it using an app. Do not misplace your phone if you do this!

Do you need to stay in Japan longer? You might be able to request a delay from the Ministry of Justice.

In case of doubt, obtain a visa. As the globe changes, so do the laws and rules.

No North Korean nationals are allowed to enter Japan or take connecting flights there or back.

The Japan e-Visa

What’s nice is that you can use your smartphone, computer, or tablet to submit an online application for an e-Visa from anywhere in the world.

By April 2023, the Japanese e-Visa scheme will go into effect. At this time, there is no announcement regarding which nations will be admitted first.






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