NECO 2022: When Will The Results Be Released?

The NECO result 2022 release date and the date for students who took the exam have both been made public by NECO.
We’ll show you when the NECO results for 2022 and this year will be released on this page.

When Will NECO 2022 Results Be Released?

The National Examination Council’s management has set a deadline for the publishing of the 2022 NECO results of October 4th, 2022. As a result, the 2022 NECO results will be announced on October 4, 2022
The National Examination Council has assured everyone that they will do every effort to get all results available within 45 days.
The article further states that various centers will be required to submit their scripts as soon as each exam is finished, brief the board, and then immediately begin marking scripts.
Currently, the good news is that NECO findings may even be made public before the specified 45 days, or at most, 45 exact days.
The board reports that 98.5% of the findings are prepared.
However, the findings are delayed and will be made public when they are ready due to some difficulties encountered.
NECO also asks applicants to exercise a little more patience and offers its apologies for the delay.

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The National Assessment Council, more commonly referred to as NECO, is a Nigerian examination body that administers tests to seniors in secondary schools there.

NECO Grading System

NECO GradesNumeric ValueMeaning

NECO Art Subjects

1.      English Language
2.      Religious Studies: CRS or IRS
3.      Civic Education
4.      Mathematics
5.      Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa Language
6.      Literature in English
7.      Economics
8.      A Trade Subject
9.      Government or History

NECO Science Subjects

1.      A Trade Subject
2.      Civic Education
3.      Biology
4.      Agricultural Science or Economics
5.      Mathematics
6.      Geography
7.      English Language
8.      Chemistry
9.      Physics


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