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Nigerians can easily borrow money thanks to the recent explosion of online loan providers. These businesses give their clients quick, short-term loans without requesting any security. These days, getting a payday loan, a student loan, etc. in Nigeria is simple.

About Opay

OPay is a mobile-based platform founded by internet behemoth Opera that provides necessary services like payment, commercial transportation, food and grocery deliveries, among others.

Opera Pay is referred to as OPay. It is an extensive online payment system that enables a wide range of transactions. They consist of purchasing data, and airtime, Pay TV subscriptions, paying electric bills, ordering food with OFood, sending and receiving payments with QR, investing with OWealth, borrowing money with OKash Loan, funding betting accounts, listing your goods and services with OList, and creating an online presence with OLeads.

Opay Loan App Window

Review of Opay Loan App (Okash Loan)

The OPay group in Nigeria has a loan app called Okash Loan. You can quickly obtain a loan in Nigeria with the help of this platform.


1. Quick and secure loan payment processing

2. There are no deposits or collateral requirements.

3. Simple sign-up procedure

4. They occasionally give bonuses as incentives.

5. You can complete the entire process on your mobile device. You are not required to physically visit.

You can also get a fast loan using Kia Kia Loan App or with ZUMA Cash Loan App


1. Privacy issues

2. Repayment of loans is expensive. Other, less expensive choices exist.

3. Loans are for a limited time.

4. The amount you can borrow is limited.

How To Use Opay To Borrow Money

The OKash lending mobile app must first be downloaded. It takes fewer than five minutes to register by creating an account and entering the required information. For verification, you will have the choice of a call or SMS.

Use the app to apply for a loan; read the terms and conditions; and pay attention to the interest rate and the payback schedule. If all of the aforementioned is acceptable to you, submit your loan request, and you’ll have your funds in a matter of minutes.

Your Maximum and Minimum Borrowing Cap

On OKash, you can only apply for a total of N50,000 at any given moment. Applying for loans as cheap as N3000 is possible.

Requirement for Opay Loan (Okash Loan)

Applying for an OPay loan has simple requirements. The loan service is intended for all Nigerians and has no onerous requirements that prevent the average Nigerian from borrowing.

1. The candidate must reside in Nigeria.

2. The applicant’s age range must be between 20 and 55 years old.

3. The borrower must either provide proof of a regular source of income or explain why they need the loan.

4. A current ID card

5. BVN Number

 Opay (Okash Loan) Inflation Rate

The annual interest rate is between 36.5% and 360%, while the daily interest rate is from 0.1% to 1%. In addition, you will be required to pay an origination charge with your loan, which can be anywhere between N1299 and N6000. The smallest length of the loan is 91 days, and the longest tenure is 365 days.

How To Pay Back The Loan (Okash Loan)

Open your mobile app, log into your account, click the “make a repayment” button, enter all the necessary information, and then click the “repay” button.

Code for Opay Loan USSD

*955# is the Opay USSD code. When you have a platform account that has already been created, this works. You can conduct transactions on your account with ease thanks to the code.

In Nigeria, a trusted lending service provider that provides speedy loans is OKash (a division of OPay). On the app, applying for a loan is simple. Within minutes, it is transferred to your account.






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