USA Companies Now Hiring Nigerians For Online Jobs – Pay is $20/hr Apply Now

You are here today to learn more on how i can coach you on how to success on the journey about USA Companies Now Hiring Nigerians For Online Jobs – Pay is $20/hr

If yes, then This is for those who want to be mentored and coached by me.

Also, its a continuation from this Article and is meant for those that don’t have any skills for the online job and needs mentorship.

If after all these I shared above to get you started, and you are still confused and don’t know how to go about it, then what I am about to share is for you.

There are two ways you can excel and get jobs on Upwork.

The first way is by doing it all by yourself, figuring out how you can acquire the skills, learning alone, motivating yourself, keeping yourself accountable, and doing everything all by yourself.

The second way is by getting guidance from someone who has already worked the path

learning with others, and having a Coach who will keep you accountable, a coach who would push you and motivate you to implement everything that will make you succeed as a Freelancer.

Not just that, having a community that can help you to achieve your client’s target faster and easier.

I don’t know which one is best for you, to do it alone or to get guidance and unmatched support from a coach and a freelance community with thousands of members.

If you don’t want to go on the journey alone, then, you are welcome to join our mentorship journey named CEFA

What is CEFA Training

CEFA Training is a 3 week of intensive online training and Mentorship program to help you land your first and subsequent jobs on upwork and help you succeed as a Freelancer.

CEFA has 3 hardworking Coaches, all dedicated to helping you succeed on Upwork.

CEFA Training is not for EVERYONE.

  1. It is for a few people who need help.
  2. It is for those who don’t want to go on their Freelance journey alone.
  3. It is for those who want to be in a Freelance Community.
  4. It is for those who want to avoid trial and error by learning from an expert.
  5. It is for those who want to learn from a coach that has worked the path.

CEFA Freelance Training is for you if:

  • -You want to start earning in dollars.
  • -You want to make money from the comfort of your home.
  • -You want to connect with foreign clients that can pay you well.
  • -You have a skill you can offer or you are ready to acquire the skills.
  • -You have been on Upwork but you are still struggling to get clients.
  • -You have gotten your first client but it’s been difficult to get another one.
  • -You are unemployed, a graduate, undergraduate and you are looking for how to sustain yourself.
  • -You are a stay-at-home mom, teacher, lawyer, etc and you are looking for a flexible job or an extra stream of income.

CEFA Training is an employability kit.

CEFA training will open your eyes to why most Nigerian graduates are said to be unemployable.

You will learn skills and tech tools that won’t only help you to do well in your remote jobs, but will also help you in your offline jobs or to easily get offline jobs in your desired sector.

Here is What you will get in the CEFA Freelance Training.

– Expert Guidance
– Recommendations
– Accountability
– Coaching and mentorship.

The skills you can acquire during the training Include:

-Customer Support
-Virtual Assistant
-Cold Calling
-Data Entry
-Inbound Sales
-Outbound Sales
-Technical support
– Social Media Management.
– Mailbox Management
– Appointment Setting
– Website Development
– Graphic Design Etc.

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You will be taught how to select 2 of the best skills that suit you.

You will be guided to renowned platforms where experts will teach you these skills.

You will also get Certificates of completion for the skill if you want.

If you are to learn one of these skills from experts out there, you will spend up to 40-50k. Just for one of the skills.

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In the Freelance Training, You Will equally Learn:

  1. How to write a good CV
  2. How to create your portfolio/Work examples.
  3. How to Create an approved and Optimized Upwork Account.
  4. HHow to rank higher on Upwork search and get job invitations from clients.
  5. How to create general and specialized profiles for 2 skills.
  6. How to write job-winning proposals and Tips to help you land jobs Faster.
  7. How to set up your payment method on Upwork.
  8. How to create a Payooner Account (and get $25 after creation).
  9. How to create a PayPal Account as a Nigerian without traveling abroad.
  10. Proposal templates and samples of job-winning proposals.

I don’t like bragging about my results, instead, I love to brag about the results I help others to get. I let my students’ Testimonials do the talk for me.

Let me share just a few of the jobs and money some of my students have made after undergoing my training.

See Testimonials Below

To join his class for a token, please join us on our telegram group here, and you’d be added to the mentorship group/channel






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