JAMB Score For Political Science

What is the JAMB political science cutoff?, What Jamb score can secure admission to study political science in all Nigerian universities? What is the cutoff for political science?

Meeting the necessary Jamb Cut off Mark is one of the several prerequisites for studying political science in any Nigerian university. Political science is a somewhat competitive course in the Jamb because it receives a sizable number of applications each year.

Political science is not just fairly difficult for applicants to get into in Nigeria, but there are also roughly 103 universities that provide it.

Your Jamb score is the single factor that can increase your chances of being accepted to study political science. There is, however, a minimum Jamb score that you must get in order to be qualified to move on to the next stage of the admissions process.

So, technically, when we talk about Jamb Cut off Mark for Political Science, there are two things to consider: the first is the cut off mark for Political Science that will allow you to move to the next stage (POST UTME enrolment), and the other is Jamb Cut off Mark for Political Science that can guarantee you admission to study Political Science.

Cutoff Mark for Political Science On The Jamb

Although some State Colleges would take 180, the minimum that any University (apart from private universities, which accept as low as 140) would accept for Political Science is 180. The Jamb Cut Off Mark for Political Science to Participate in Post UTME is 200.

Unfortunately, Polytechnics do not offer Political Science, even if they would have accepted a lower Jamb score.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the probability of admission to study political science with a Jamb score of 200 or 180 (depending on the university) is quite slim; it would be about 5.

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Are The Chances Slim?

 Yet you can still be admitted to study Political Science even with a score of, say, 215 because your Jamb score only counts for 50% of your admission requirements.

Depending on the university’s aggregate grading method, the remaining 50% comes from your Post UTME, O’ level, or both.

Therefore, a poor Jamb Score can be made up for by a strong showing in the post-UTME or O’ level exams (Waec/NECO/Nabteb).

Certain Jamb scores can boost your chances of being accepted to 70% because the Jamb accounts for 50% of your admission requirements.






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