Does JAMB Repeat Past Questions

As you read this article, you will definitely learn whether JAMB repeats questions if you are eager and looking for this information.

Now, it is not news that JAMB repeats questions in each UTME academic session year after year. However, many students taking the exam for the first time do require that reassurance. You should be aware that JAMB occasionally asks the same questions, usually from their own question banks that you won’t have access to.

Be confident that JAMB will repeat most of the questions from its question banks in the upcoming UTME and add a small number of new questions that are rotated annually.

Due to this alone, several applicants receive outstanding marks of 300 or more.

Therefore, it is advised to do so while you get ready for the next UTME. Last but not least, don’t forget to study past questions because they can help candidates prepare efficiently for the UTME.

Make sure you read your textbooks, especially the ones JAMB recommends in the JAMB booklet.

It makes them (candidates) familiar with each subject In order to eliminate the margin that would make the questions excessively complicated for students who are well-prepared to attempt, JAMB frequently extracts the majority of the questions from and the concepts and patterns they follow for each subject.

Additionally, you should be aware that in prior years, there have consistently been more candidates who passed their UTME than failed it, according to recorded data.

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What Type Of Question Can You Expect From JAMB

This fear has long plagued many applicants and students for the JAMB-organized UTME.

This is due to the fact that candidates always have high expectations before taking a test.

This expectation also comes with a lot of optimism, yet most people end up not preparing well for the UTME and have their hopes dashed.

As you read through this article, you will be given advice on how to successfully complete your UTME as the first step to securing your admission into higher education institutions like colleges of education, polytechnics, and universities.

This is because the second step for the majority of institutions is the Post-UTME, which they (institutions) are free to conduct or not conduct based on their preferences.

For its UTME, JAMB uses a certain format. These are the precise formats:

1. Subjects or regions The majority of inquiries come from sections or themes within a subject where there aren’t many.

2. The number of questions for the necessary English proficiency test, which is taken by all applicants regardless of the desired field of study, departments, or faculties.

The other three (3) subjects each have 40 questions, while the Use of English has a total of 60 questions. It is important to note that the Use of English, for instance, has two comprehension passages with approximately five questions in each, for a total of ten questions for both passages. The Close Passage, which requires students to fill in words as answers in the passage, also has approximately ten questions. Additionally, idioms, synonyms, and antonyms (choose the option(s) that are almost the exact opposite in meaning to the underlined word(s)) can take up to 20 questions to complete. Another 20 questions can be added for proper spelling, emphatic stress, sentence completion, vowel sounds, and consonant sounds.






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