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In Nigeria, Newcredit is a very quick loan service that makes it easy for qualified people to get loans. You can utilize the loan to pay for either personal or professional expenses.

This article covers more than just how to apply for a loan from Newcredit in Nigeria. It also provides other crucial information, such as how to download the app, how to repay loans on Newcredit, and how to contact Newcredit customer service.

In Nigeria, Newcredit is a trustworthy and efficient loan provider. Simple procedures exist for borrowing money without putting up security.

How To Register

Install the Newcredit lending application after downloading it from the Google Play Store. Following installation, register with your information and move forward if you are qualified.

The fact that Newcredit offers loans of up to N300,000 sets it apart from other rapid personal loan providers in Nigeria.

The majority of Nigerians choose Newcredit as their top lending app simply because of this fact.

Requirements For Newcredit Loans

You must fulfill certain standards in order to be eligible for a loan from the Newcredit loan service. Below is a list of them.

• You need to live in Nigeria. You are ineligible for this loan if you are a Nigerian citizen living abroad.

• You must be between the ages of 18 and 60.

• Maintain a regular monthly income.

• An Android smartphone

• You’ll also need to provide your phone number.

• The bank account number where you will deposit the loan proceeds

• The number on your bank’s verification (BVN)

• Your ATM card information will also be required.

• You must submit the names and contact information of two people who are close to you.

Installing the Newcredit loan app on your Android device is the next step after having all the requirements ready.

Where to get the Newcredit App

Windows and Apple devices cannot use Newcredit. For this reason, you must first download the official Newcredit App in order to use the company’s loan services.

It may be downloaded through the Google Play Store. It is only 12 MB in size and has received over 1 million downloads. Over 64,000 individuals have given it a grade of 4.5 in reviews as of right now.

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How To Apply For A Newcredit Loan

• Download and set up the program.

• Open the application after installation.

• Register for Newcredit using your phone number.

• Give pertinent information. Included are your home address, place of employment, and relatives.

• Type in your bank’s BVN and then select your ATM card. When it comes time to repay your loan, you will also want your ATM card.

• While your loan application is being considered, wait. The monies will be transferred to your bank account if accepted.

What Much Of Money Does Newcredit Offer?

If you are qualified and provide accurate information, you may be able to get a loan between the sums of $10,000 and $300,000. This is the maximum amount you may borrow from Newcredit.

Term of New Credit Loan

In addition to making the loan application simple, Newcredit allows customers plenty of time to pay back the loan.

Repayment terms range from three months (91 days) to twelve months (365 days).

Interest Rate on New Credit

The monthly interest rate or Newcredit is 4%. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) now stands at 48%.

Obtaining New Credit: Repaying Loans

When your loan application on the Newcredit platform is approved, your dashboard will display the total amount due.

Along with other information, your dashboard will also display the date of your subsequent payment.

Click the repayment button on Newcredit to make a loan repayment. You will then be directed to the payback section, where you may choose from a variety of repayment choices.

Choose the one that works best for you, then pay the required sum.

Headquarters of Newcredit

In Lagos, Nigeria, Newcredit maintains a physical office location. Visit the Newcredit headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, for prompt in-person client support. It can be found at Sobo Arobiodu Street, Number 45c, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria.

Customer Service And Email For Newcredit

You can always send an email to Newcredit customer service with any inquiries or grievances

Contact information: [email protected]


Are you interested in applying for a loan? Here is the company website






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