USA Companies Now Hiring Nigerians For Online Jobs – Pay is $20/hr Apply Now

This article about USA Companies Now Hiring Nigerians For Online Jobs – Pay is $20/hr is an article that can change your life and financial status in 2023.

For you are about to read now is the basic foundations about Online jobs in USA. And I am going to be sharing foundational information that can get anyone started as a Freelancer and earn Dollar online.

The knowledge I will share will give you a headway to start if you are not yet freelancing.

I know more than 70% of people here are new to Freelancing. The article will cover what freelancing is and who a freelancer is as well as the steps to becoming a freelancer and lots more.

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But trust me when say you are good to go by yourself after reading this article


Freelancing means selling different kinds of services to different foreign client or companies without entering into a long contract with any of the clients/companies and get paid afterwards.

Freelance contract/job are usually short-term or medium-term, it is never long-term contract.

Some freelance jobs can be done in a day, a week, a month, or at most 6 months. And each comes with their own pay/salary/fee.


A Freelancer is a business person or a self-employed person who can do multiple jobs at the same time and is not necessarily committed to a particular Employer for the long term.

This training is all about how you can get Freelance jobs, do them in the comfort of your home, and earn money.


  1. Work Freedom
  2. Be your own Boss
  3. No job Limit
  4. Make More Money
  5. Wear what you like
  6. No commute/ Traffic
  7. Cut costs/ Spend less
  8. No formal education is needed.
  9. Break and Sleep whenever you like.
  10. More time for Family
  11. Side hustle/part-time work Etc.


It is also important to state the steps to becoming a freelancer. Among those steps are;

  • 1. Decide the Services you want to offer and acquire the relevant skills and tools.
  • 2. Decide your target audience or freelance sites to offer your services.
  • 3. Create a top-notch profile on the freelance sites you selected and show samples of work.
  • 4. Write job-winning proposals that will get you the jobs.
  • 5. Do the jobs and get paid consistently.

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Let’s discuss these steps individually

Step 1: Decide your niche or the services you want to offer.

You have to ask yourself several questions to know the services you can offer excellently to foreign clients.

It could be what you studied in school like Accountancy, Project Management, Legal Services, etc. Or it could be what you are good at like writing, editing, translating, etc.

It could also research in-demand skills and find the 2-3 skills you can learn within 1-3 weeks and start offering to clients.

So you just need to figure out the niche or services you want to offer to clients and get paid.

As a freelancer, no client will give you money unless you do a job for them. There’s no free money even in Freetown.

So step 1 is very important. If you don’t have any in-demand skills that you can offer to clients, then you have to make research and find out skills you can learn and start offering to clients as soon as possible.

It is only when you offer your skills to clients that you get paid.

I will drop a list of some of the in-demand freelance skills shortly. So read along, take note if possible

Some of the In-demand Freelance Skills/jobs that these clients and companies look out for include

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Customer Support Representative
  3. Cold Calling
  4. Telemarketing
  5. Online Research
  6. Proofreading
  7. Transcription (Video /Audio)
  8. Data Entry
  9. Editing
  10. Technical/IT Support
  11. Mailbox Management
  12. Calendar Management
  13. Appointment Setting
  14. Chat support Contractor
  15. Helpdesk support Contractor
  16. Translation
  17. Shopify Developer
  18. Data Analyst
  19. Content writing
  20. Shopify Developer
  21. Social media marketing
  22. Social media management Etc.

Like I said earlier, you need to use your skills to solve clients’ problems.

It is only when you offer your skills to help them meet their needs or solve the problems that they will pay you.

This leads me to my first question.

Which of these skills are you an expert in or which of these skills are you ready to learn and start monetizing?

Take note that i said “which skills are you an expert or that you’d wanna Learn on also”.

The first step is to know the skills or services you want to offer.

For all the skills I listed earlier are in-demand. If you don’t have anyone yet, you can always learn.

Once you have mastered a skill, you can start offering it as a service to clients.

We continue on those steps as mentioned above.

Step 2. Decide the target audience or freelance sites you want to sell your skills to.

The kind of skills you have will determine the kind of platform or freelance sites you can sell the skill.

Here are 30 Freelance sites you can sell your skills or get remote jobs

1. Indeed
Link : indeed.com

2. AngelList
Link: angel.co

3. Remotive
Link: remotive.io

5. JustRemote
Link: justremote.co

6. We Work Remotely
Link: weworkremotely.com

7. Remotehub
Link : remotehub.com

8. Outsourcely
Link: outsourcely.com

9. Flexjobs
Link: flexjobs.com

10.Remote Tech jobs
Link: remotetechjobs.com

11. Working Nomads
Link: workingnomads.co

12: Virtual Vocations
Link: virtualvocations.com

13. Pangian
Link: pangian.com

14. Solid Gigs
Link: solidgigs.com

15. Dribble
Link: dribble.com

Link: odeskwork.com

17: Remote Front
Link: remotefront.io

18. Skip the drive
Link: skipthedrive.com

19. Power to Fly
Link: powertofly.com

20. Reddit
Link: reddit.com

21.Job Board Search
Link: jobboardsearch.com

22. Authentic Jobs
Link: authenticjobs.com

23. Upwork
Link: upwork.com

24. Fiverr
Link: fiverr.com

25. ARC
Link: arc.dev/remote-jr-jobs

26. Remote
Link: remote.com

27. Dynamite jobs
Link: dynamite jobs.com

28. HubStaff Talent
Link: Hubstafftalent.com

29. Freelancer
Link: freelancer.com

30. Problogger
Link: problogger.com Etc

When I started out as a Freelancer, I was all over the place, creating accounts on different freelance sites and testing the platforms to know the one I should focus on.

I tried Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn, and Fiverr. I created profiles on the platforms and started learning and testing how the platforms work.

Right now, I am only focused on Upwork because I discovered it is the best platform where you can offer all kinds of skills.

And not just that, the platform has some advantages over other freelance platforms.

Upwork has the highest client base, meaning that there are more clients ready to hire Freelancers on Upwork than any other freelance site.

Upwork currently has over 800,000 active Clients ready to hire freelancers, all you need is just one or two clients out of these thousands of clients per time.

I decided to focus on Upwork after testing some of the freelance sites I listed earlier.

You can decide to focus on Upwork just like me, or you can do your research and choose any of the other freelance sites.

This is the reason i shared with you all the online job website above for freelancers

Step 3: Create a top-notch Freelance Profile.

After making your research and choosing the best freelance site to offer your skills, the next step is for you to create an account on the freelance site and start your freelance business.

Like I said earlier, Upwork is the biggest freelance sites and that is the platform I focus on now and I told you why I decided to focus on Upwork.

So I will share with you how to get started on Upwork shortly.

A. Create your Upwork profile.

You need to create an eye-catching profile that will showcase what you have to offer.

Your Upwork profile serves the same purpose as your CV or resume.

That is where your potential clients will see the services you have to offer and the services you have offered to clients before.

Simply go to the Upwork website and get started. There are accounts for Freelancers and there is the one for clients. Create one for Freelancers.

Expo: Create a CV/Resume before you start creating your Upwork account, it will be a lot easier for you when you upload your resume.

After setting up your profile, add a clean headshot (preferably a professional headshot so that you will appear very serious and professional) and a detailed description of your background.

You can include links to your portfolio or work sample. This is an added advantage to you or your CV

You have to include your work experience, your skills, and any certification you have.

You can also add more information like an introduction video to make your profile stand out from other Freelancers.

B. Set your rate and availability.

After creating your profile, you need to decide how much you will charge for your services. It could be $5 per hour, $10 per hour, $20 per hour, etc.

However, as a newbie on Upwork, it is safer for you to charge lower at first to enable you to get clients faster.

Remember the law of economics, the lower the price, the higher the demand.

You can always increase your rate as you gain experience and even bid for a different rate than what you have listed on your profile.

Also, let clients know what sort of time commitment you are looking for by setting your availability.

You can tell the client that you will be available to work more than 30 hours a week or less than 30 hours. The choices are yours.

C. Add work examples or portfolio:

Most clients want to see the previous work you have done before. Some clients want to read reviews of other clients that have hired you before.

If you are just starting, you will not have work samples or reviews because you have not worked for any client before.

You can decide to offer your service to someone who runs a business for free

so that you will gain experience, have a work sample to show your potential clients, and also get a review from the client you offered the free job.

With that, you are good to go.

Step 4 Find and Apply for Jobs

On Upwork, we Use “Connects” to apply for jobs. Connects are like tokens or airtime that is needed before anyone can submit a proposal.

After creating your account, you will be given free connections to use and apply for jobs.

Search through the list of thousands of jobs and submit proposals for the one you know you can do.

Submitting a good proposal is the secret to landing jobs on Upwork, so you need to learn how to write job-winning proposals.

Before applying for a job, get an idea of who your potential client is.

  • -How long he/she has been on Upwork?
  • -how much he/she has spent on Upwork paying other freelancers?
  • – check if his/her payment method is verified?
  • – check the reviews from other freelancers that have worked with the client. (you know, in Upwork both the freelancer and the client rate each other after completing a contract or job).

Check what other freelancers said about your intending client so that you don’t waste your time on shitty employers.

The rating on Upwork helps you decide who you want to work with as a Freelancer and it also lets the client decide if they want to hire you too.

Step 5. Do your work and Get Paid.

As a freelancer on Upwork, you can get secured payments through PayPal, Payoneer, direct transfer, or wired transfer after completing your jobs.

And you get paid just like me ??

USA Companies Now Hiring Nigerians For Online Jobs - Pay is $20/hr Apply Now
This is one of my recent pay in dollars

And the beauty of this method of payments is that they work for Nigerian or African freelancers

As I said earlier, Upwork has payment protection, once you do your work well, no client will owe you.

Though there are different ways you can collect your earnings from Upwork, I recommend only PayPal and Payoneer.

With this two, you can transfer your dollars to your Domiciliary Account or the brokers and then change the dollars to Naira.

With that, you can make more money unlike when you do local transfers from Upwork to your bank.

They will use the CBN rate for the day which is mostly N410 per dollar.

But if you transfer to your dom account, you can sell your dollars at the black market rate which is currently between N745 – N760 per dollar.

Let me summarize what we have learned so far.

In Summary, the first step is to figure out what services you want to offer clients. This has to do with having the in-demand skills that clients are looking for.

I listed some of them earlier in this class. If you have some of these skills, then you are good to go

if you don’t have any of those in-demand skills, then you have to acquire the skills first because you can’t offer what you don’t have.

Step 2 is to figure out the platform to monetize your skills. I listed 30 freelance sites earlier.

Make your research and choose one. I have told you that Upwork is where most clients are, so you can decide to focus on Upwork.

Step 3 is to create your account on any of the freelance sites you selected.

If you are going with upwork, then simply go to www.upwork.com and create your freelance account.

Only those who are sure that they have the in-demand skills to offer clients should go ahead and create their accounts.

If you don’t have skills yet, learn some first before creating your account.

Step 4 is to start applying for jobs after setting up your account. Send proposals and tell clients that you are the best fit for the job.

If you convince them enough, they will give you the job.

Step 5 is to do the job and get paid. Use Payoneer or PayPal to cash out your dollars.

If you followed to this extent, react ? to this article by leaving a comment and sharing with your friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)

These 5 steps I just shared with you will help you kickstart your freelance business, especially if you already have in-demand digital skills.

For those who already have the skills, start exploring the platform now. Don’t procrastinate!

For those who don’t have skills yet, learn a skill first. You need to have a hot skill first before you think of monetizing it.

I will help a few people to acquire some of these in-demand skills and the fast track to monetizing them.

But before I share how I can help those without skills, I want to know if you have learned something new from this class.

Did you get value from this 1-hour+ class or did I just waste your time?

Please let me know if you got value from this class by sharing this article on social media please

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People are making thousands of dollars monthly on Upwork.

So if you already have in-demand skills and you are confident enough that you can offer it to foreign clients, go straight up and create your Upwork account. Don’t procrastinate. Start now

I dont like bragging about my results, instead i love to brag about the results i help others to get.

I let my students testimonials do the task for me

Let me share just a few of the jobs and money some of my students have made after undergoing my traning

Testimonies texts

This is my most recent withdrawal from Upwork. If anyone told me I would make this kind of money a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed the person.

So I personally understand when some people are being skeptical. But the thing is, this money was paid after I did several work for different clients.

It took me sweats, dedication, and taking Coffee to stay awake all night to be able to deliver on the jobs.

It might sound too good to be true, but the truth is, a lazy person cannot make it on the platform.

This here is $8000. The current exchange rate is between N745-760 per dollar. If I change this money to Naira, I can use to do manyyy things.

More Testimonies below

If we keep sharing this testimonies then we would be having a long read today!

You can start working and earning dollars in a few weeks if you don’t procrastinate in starting. It’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it.

Now let me talk about how I can help those without skills. If you are one of those then click here to read more on how i can help you






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