How To Check WAEC Results Using a Phone Without Scratch Card

Did you seat for the 2022 WAEC Exam? Have you seen your waec results for 2022? I will provide you with a simple, step-by-step tutorial in this post on how to access your WAEC exam results using your phone without a scratch card

To check your WAEC result, you don’t need to visit a computer center, a WAEC office, or your secondary school.

WAEC 2022 Results

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination for School Candidates, 2022 in Nigeria was issued by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) on Monday, August 8th, 2022.

According to WAEC, 76.36% of Nigerian students who took the test passed with at least five credits, including English language and math.

WAEC Score

You can verify your WAEC results using either one of two methods: online or by SMS text message.

Without purchasing the scratch card pin, you are unable to check your WAEC results. The only way to check your results is with your WAEC pin.

A free WASSCE score checker does not exist. Three thousand Naira (3,000) is the WAEC scratch price.

Call me at this number to acquire your WAEC scratch card pin.

Conditions for Checking WAEC Results

The list of items you’ll need to verify your WAEC results on your phone is provided below;

Examination serial number, scratch card pin, WAEC examination number, examination year

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Exam type Online WAEC Result Checker with Phone

There are two ways to phone in your WAEC score:

1. On the WAEC result checker page online.

2. Text messaging

Online WAEC Result Checker

The best way to check your WAEC score is online. Compared to the SMS approach, it is faster, more dependable, and free.

The steps to check your WAEC result online are listed below;

1. Launch Google Chrome on your smartphone.

2. Visit the WAEC result checker’s official website.

3. Type in your WAEC examination number’s first ten (10) digits.

4. From the drop-down option, select the examination year.

5. Decide on the test type.

6. Type in your scratch-off pin.

7. Type in your test serial number.

8. To view your WAEC result, click Submit on the WAEC Result SMS Checker page.

With this approach, you can pay thirty (30) naira to receive an SMS containing your WAEC results.

The process to check your WAEC result by SMS is as follows;

1. Launch the texting application on your phone.

2. Click on “Send New Message.”

3. Enter the following: WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear.

4. Type 32327 into the receiver field.

5. Select “Send message”

6. Your WAEC results will be sent to you through SMS.

A text message example would be WAEC*4250101241*765546789872*2021.

Purchase WAEC Scratch Cards

You can purchase the WAEC scratch pin at any WAEC office near you.

Additionally, you can purchase it at your secondary school or a nearby cyber café.

A scratch pin may only be used five (5) times to check your WAEC score. You would then need to purchase a new scratch card.

Additionally, using a single scratch card to check two separate WAEC results is not allowed. There is only one outcome for each scratch card.






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