WAEC Verification Pin

With the help of the internet service WAEC Verification Pin, candidates, organizations, NYSC, and other relevant institutions can check and confirm candidates’ WAEC results at any time and from any location in the globe.

Candidates and organizations are required by WAEC to obtain a special 17–19-digit pin that can only be used for results verification. The Verification Pin is used by NYSC to fix potential corp members’ incorrect dates of birth (PCMs).

The Function of a Waec Verification Pin

As was already mentioned, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) produces the Waec Verification Pin, which, when worn by a candidate, allows access to that individual’s examination information, including date of birth. Therefore, when a PCM enters her Examination Number and the Waec Verification Pin on the NYSC dashboard, Waec sends NYSC your accurate Date of Birth (as it appears on your Waec result), which is subsequently submitted for approval.

It is important to note that PCMs must make sure the date of birth listed on their WAEC results is accurate so that when it is filled out by NYSC, the appropriate date of birth will be displayed.

Difference The candidate’s complete record, including Name, Date of Birth, Passport Photo, Subject Grades, School Name, and so on, is displayed between WAEC Verification PIN & WAEC Scratch Card Verification PIN (similar to WAEC Certificate).

As opposed to the WAEC Certificate, the WAEC Scratch Cards/Result Checker shows the candidate’s record, including Name, School Name, Subject Grades, and so forth (resemblance of WAEC Statement of Result).

The WAEC Scratch Card/Result Checker is more expensive than the WAEC Verification PIN.

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The Verification Pin, as opposed to the regular WAEC Result checker, can check both 8- and 10-digit examination numbers.

Names, dates of birth, and passport photographs that are on the NYSC Portal can be changed with the WAEC Verification PIN.

How To Purchase An Online Waec Verification Pin

1. Go to Cegital

2. Scroll down to the card image labeled “NYSC Waec Verification Pin” in the middle of the page.

3. Press the Pay Now button.

4. Pay your bill with a card or a transfer.

5. As soon as your payment has been received, your Waec Verification Pin is shown on the screen and sent to your email.

6. To finish the correction process, copy the Pin or recover it from your email and go to your NYSC Dashboard.






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