XCredit Loan

Xcredit Loan is a mobile application platform created by a Lagos-based fintech startup. Despite having a location in Lagos, Nigeria, the platform is entirely online. To take advantage of their services, you do not need to go to their office.

App for Xcredit Loan

Only Android devices can download the Xcredit loan app at the time of publication from the Google Play Store. You may quickly apply for a personal loan using the app.

They accomplish this by establishing a credit score and verifying your identity using the information on your phone, including the history of your SMS.

Applying for a Loan

An Xcredit loan application is rather easy to complete. Simply adhere to the instructions below

• Open a profile

• Submit a loan request

• Get your loan deposited directly into your bank account.

• Each time you pay back a loan, increase your loan limit.

Xcredit Loan: Is It Real?

We can say that it is legitimate because we’ve witnessed folks obtain loans from them. In order to be taken seriously, shouldn’t a loan platform be able to award loans? Well, perhaps not.

Care for clients

Numerous people have expressed dissatisfaction with Xcredit’s customer support. Some consumers complain that the customer support agents were impolite when they tried to contact them when their loan was about to expire.

You can look for their Facebook page, “Xcredit,” to get in touch with them. There is no customer service number or other Xcredit contact information on the page. You’ll have to message them on the platform.

Xcredit Loan’s benefits and drawbacks


1. Quick and simple loan access.

2. No security.

3. No documentation

4. There are no service fees.


1. The maximum tenor for Xcredit is 180 days. This limits its suitability to quick loans.

2. They only provide loans up to N500,000 at this time.

What are the smallest and largest loan amounts that you can get from Xcredit?

Xcredit offers loans starting at N5,000 and going up to N500,000.

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Rates of interest

An interest rate of 12% of the borrowed amount is provided by Xcredit. For instance, if you borrowed N10,000 with a 120-day term, the total interest due at maturity would be:

N10,000 * 12% = N1,200.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional fees associated with Xcredit?

Not at all, no. On each loan you take out through Xcredit, there is no service cost. The loan amount is transferred immediately to the bank account of your choice.

What criteria must I meet in order to be eligible for an Xcredit loan, and how can I apply?

A working bank account and an Xcredit account are the only requirements for obtaining a loan from the company. To apply for a loan, follow the instructions below:

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1. Get the XCredit mobile app from the Google Play store and install it.

2. Create an XCredit account and fill out all the required fields.

3. Apply for a loan.

4. The loan is transferred right into your bank account.

You should be aware that each time you return a loan, your loan limit increases.

How soon are the money from an Xcredit loan released?

From the time you apply until the loan is disbursed into your account, it just takes a few minutes.

Xcredit Terms of Repayment

The following conditions apply to the repayment of Xcredit loans:

1. A 12% interest rate on the borrowed sum.

2. A maximum borrowing term of 180 days, beyond which the loan must be repaid.


Using Xcredit makes borrowing money simple. It requires no paperwork or collateral and is available to anyone with a bank account. Utilize this simple loan provided by Xcredit to cover any sudden or urgent expenses that may occur.






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