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After seating for your WAEC exam, you can access the WAEC results on the WAEC website .

But before you do that or accessing www.waecdirect.org as sated above. Using your WAEC ID card or a scratch card, we have made it incredibly simple for you to check your results on your own.

According to WAEC’s data, eighty percent of candidates earned at least five credits (Maths and English Language Inclusive).

For WAEC candidates in 2022–2023, that is a respectable pass ratio. Within the next three months, the Original WAEC Certificates of applicants whose results have been fully processed and released will be available.

So many applicants are unaware of how to view their WAEC score. That is the primary motivation behind why we wrote this post. will demonstrate how to use your mobile device to verify your WAEC result step-by-step.

You should be able to check your WAEC result by simply following the instructions we will give you in the next heading.

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How To Check The 2022 WAEC Result

You can even check your own WAEC results because the procedure is so simple. If you don’t have a WAEC ID card to obtain your pin and serial number, you might require a WAEC scratch card to check your results. Each student is identified by WAEC using this particular pin. You must enter this special 10- or 12-digit number in order to check your WAEC score.






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